Richard Stallman speaks

A supply of tea with milk and sugar would be nice.  If it is tea I
really like, I like it without milk and sugar.  With milk and sugar,
any kind of tea is fine.  I always bring tea bags with me, so if we
use my tea bags, I will certainly like that tea without milk or sugar.

If I am quite sleepy, I would like two cans or small bottles of
non-diet Pepsi.  (I dislike the taste of coke, and of all diet soda;
also, there is an international boycott of the Coca Cola company for
killing union organizers in Colombia and Guatemala; see  However, if I am not very sleepy, I won't want
Pepsi, because it is better if I don't drink so much sugar.

There’s more. A lot more.


2 thoughts on “Richard Stallman speaks”

  1. Let’s face it, he is kind of a celebrity and the fame might have gotten to him but I think less than you place on him.

    The tea and milk thing also serves a real and practical purpose. If they didn’t read about the tea clause, then the event organizers also didn’t read about everything else that might be far more important. Consider the tale of Van Halen and the brown M&Ms.

  2. If you read until the end (which is hard) he insists that plane tickets are purchased without a name given.

    He mentions that speaking is his only source of income. Elsewhere he also mentions that his income is not very high. I think I can understand why.

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