What are patents for

Mr. R.J. Hall designed a new product known as a “Towel Tote” that is basically an absorbent scarf with pockets on the ends.  [See one here]. After filing his design patent application, Hall e-mailed with Mr. Farley Nachemin at Bed Bath & Beyond (BB&B) to see whether the company would retail his product.  Nachemin is a VP at BB&B and is employed as the General Merchandise Manager. Nachemin showed interest and two later met face-to-face. In the meetings and e-mails Hall made clear that the patent was pending. However, instead of moving forward with Hall, BB&B (with direct participation from Nachemin) mailed Hall’s product to Pakistan and had it copied and manufactured for retail distribution back in the US.

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Obama’s big data team

Those applications used a huge chunk of Amazon’s Eastern data center. “We had thousands of nodes,” said VanDenPlas. “We pushed 180TB of traffic with billions and billions of requests. We had 60% of all of Amazon’s medium [instances] in US East.”

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