Windows support in Timekeeper and MiFID II Compliance

TimeKeeper® PTP/NTP time synchronization software now works on  Microsoft Windows® Operating Systems including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. This has been a lot longer in coming than we originally expected because most of our early customers turned out to be Linux only. But bigger customers meant an increasing push for TK support for Windows and tightening regulation of timestamp accuracy meant customers now have more urgent reasons to upgrade time on all their systems. You can see how well it works if you can pick out that straight lime-green line in the graph above – that is TK running on one Windows box with alternative time sync software running on the others.

Production tests(not lab tests) show that synchronization in the sub 10 microsecond or better range is easily achievable. TimeKeeper Windows also provides high accuracy for cloud based and other virtual machine instances.