Annals of unintentional irony

Come back after a trip to see Marc Andreessen’s team of twitter posters complaining wryly about how government is so gosh durn big and citing experts like Milton Friedman.


That is, Marc Andreesen, the former National Center for Supercomputing Applications programmer who helped write the Mosaic Web Browser for the WWW that CERN scientists developed on top of the Internet technology that DARPA and NSF researchers and bureaucrats created on top of prior government funded technology like integrated circuits, and then built a company that made him rich with the team that worked together at NCSA,  engaging in the typical rich person bitching about the gummint.  Which shows how little reality matters to people.

German banking

Germany has a complex banking system that provides a lot of support for SME manufacturing.

The main strength of German economy is the so-called ‘Mittelstand’, a dense fabric of SMEs that manage to export high-quality manufactured products. In France, policymakers from all parties are obsessed with building a ‘French Mittelstand’. Economists are repeatedly asked to produce reports on what France could do to foster its SMEs the way Germany does (see for ex. Kohler D., Weisz J.-D. & FSI, 2012). At first glance, it does seem that the Mittelstand has done quite well throughout the financial crisis. This implies that German SMEs have enjoyed continued access to affordable financing since 2008. Indeed, at the macroeconomic level, studies show “no signs of credit crunch” (Ziebarth, 2013, see also Friderichs & Körting, 2011). link